Friday, 5 May 2017

2 Poems by Seth Copeland

Loose Pantoum

Sappho sings in Beverly and Calyn tonight.
    The Riverside Queen and Miss Lula of the Trailer
sweat up and fog a house smelling of meat
    in a sandy oakshagged Cache Road yard.
That Riverside naivi and the trailer Lu feel
    the beat in the yard—Bev’s little brothers—
shaggyboy men pounding sandy drum tantra
    pulsing the Modelo tallboys at their feet.
The brothers throb Lu’s pendulum, drum
    thrumming Aeolic crags darkened by waves,
gold goblets of olive-dressed Modelo,
    nuzzling sweatsalt from each other’s hair.
Aioliki. Comanche County. THRUM THRUM.
    House smells of meat and flesh and stale sage.
Drums drum. The moon purrs &
    Sappho sings in Beverly and Calyn tonight.


lucent thrush—
strip every note slowly
& in uniform
like the
bark of an old home
that grew
too proud to call you ‘mine’


Seth Copeland edits Jazz Cigarette, and The New Plains Review. He lives and studies in central Oklahoma.

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