Monday, 17 December 2012

3 Poems by Kevin Immanuel

Medical Marijuana Industry Is Unnerved by U.S. Crackdown UKIAH, Calif. — An intensifying federal crackdown on growers and sellers of state-authorized medical marijuana

Tethered and said

Semi make up

jump for
Prototype skies

It seemed like it could
Be her

T-Mobile and AT&T Edge Closer to Scrapping MergerWASHINGTON — AT&T and T-Mobile USA edged closer to scrapping their proposed merger

Usual modes
Just ask apply prescient
Dominance vaults op

Laugh along the red flag

Slumber not rainfall
Dance straight very

Under new

Sarkozy and Merkel Push for Changes to Europe TreatyPARIS — Under the pressure of financial crisis and with the euro currency at stake

It’s a trap
It’s a trap
It’s a

Nice ice celebrity cell

Her piercing eyes
Were typically
Sublimely anger
And love

Total drug slugs


Kevin Immanuel has studied art at five universities in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Published in seven poetry journals, including The Text (UK), Grain (Canada), The Filling Station (Canada), Ditch (Canada) and The Graphic Tales of Mr. Todd and Associates (Canada), Immanuel explores experimental poetry. 

[Editor's note: In the above-featured experimental poems, the titles are, according to the author, taken from the New York Times, Global News articles.] 

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