Sunday 11 November 2012


* All kinds of poetry in terms of style and subject matter are equally welcome, though we tend to love shorter pieces more;

* All poems are carefully considered year round and, upon acceptance, will be published respectively on 5 Feb, May, Aug, or Nov;

* No author information except names and email addresses in your submissions please - we will ask you for a professional third person bionote upon acceptance;

* Multiple and simultaneous submissions are encouraged;

* Previously published work is always okay with us insofar as you still hold the copy or publishing right;

* From time to time, we solicit poems from established as well as emerging poets;

* Neither money exchange nor publishing right is involved, except a genuine love for words, and perhaps for artfully articulated wisdom;

* Please paste up to 5 poems in the body of your email text and send them over to;

* Our response time is shorter than 6 weeks after the receipt; 

* Only those accepted will get a reply - Gooooooodluuuuuuuck!

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