Thursday 22 November 2012

Solicited Poems by Kristin Abraham

Bigger than a Bread Box

A man who thinks
about awe, stops
to think, just a moment;
in the canyon, armadillos
scuttle by like bald little
men, everywhere on their
toes.  But he’s not thinking
about them, their shyness;
he’s looking for the negative
spaces, needing a little more.

God’s Country

In another version
she makes him put his boots
outside in the evening
to air; she has war fatigue
but is not fearful, just
sometimes it’s good to pray
she tells the baby’s small fists
at her lips.  It takes a lonely,
an angry person to live
on a mountain like this;
it becomes easier to mourn
people than to wait for them.


To get out

of his constant slice

this house needs windows




Kristin Abraham is the author of two chapbooks:  Little Red Riding Hood Missed the Bus (Subito Press, 2008), and Orange Reminds You of Listening (Elixir Press, 2006); her full-length manuscript, The Disappearing Cowboy Trick, will be published by Horse Less Press in 2013. Additional poetry, lyric essays, and critical essays have appeared in such places as Best New Poets 2005, American Letters & Commentary, Rattle, Court Green, LIT, Columbia Poetry Review, and The Journal. She currently teaches English at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY, and is editor-in-chief and poetry editor of the literary journal Spittoon.

[Posted on 22 November 2012]

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