Monday, 11 March 2013

3 Poems by Kim Clark

This Is [1]

the impossibility
of cleansing
the palate
of sorrow

all the wetness
in the body/world
a mere moistening
of the ashen tongue

nothing sharp enough
to cut
the words
either. please.

Sign Off the Times

                                    something about time
                                       in the homecoming from Athens
                             watch-crystal lost in airspace
                                       over Paris or Keflavik
                                            exposed face
                       hands sensitive to my hectoring fingers
                           7:00. 12:50. 10:12. 10:00.
                                       then in Vancouver
                     dead car battery, dead dashboard, dead digits
                               can’t make the ferry boat by the stars
wall clock in this bathroom locked at 5:20
      watching it stopped for hours I can’t see
                                 even ghost numbers lose visibility
                   heroic in the untold


pluck and clutch
forsaken muscle

about whose Harley
****** **** *  loud in the drive *     say
sunny periods

fending off the dullness
of the day shift
overlapping skull plates

picked-over connections
clutch and rev
the rattle *
  of bones
oh          here
and      here.

if I had a title, it’d be Chrome Your Daydream, Baby


Kim Clark’s debut fiction (sexysickchiclit) collection, Attemptations (Caitlin Press), was launched in 2011 and one of its novellas has been optioned for a 90 minute feature film. Her chapbook, Dis ease ad De sire, the M anu S cript (Lipstick Press), came out in April, 2012 and her new poetry collection, Sit You Waiting, hit bookshelves in August, 2012 via Caitlin Press. She lives in Cedar on Vancouver Island.

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