Monday 14 January 2013

3 Poems by Fide ERKEN

Flower  Language

flowers have miraculous colours
they send us love with their perfumes;
a different language have flowers
even if i learn all the languages in the world
it won't be possible for me to tell about love
as well as fragrant flowers
i smell love watching their colours
and want to say "i love you"
in the flower-language to my lover

In a Daisy Field

I'm rolling
in a poetry field,
Where so many daisies abound,
A soft breeze bringing their mist.
I'm smelling them,
Satisfied with watching their
White, yellow appearance,
So I don't need to write a poem.

Then your name is echoed
Amongst the petals,
Spreading this wonderful sound
All around the waving daisies.
It's enough to hear
The most beautiful name I've ever known.
We smile to each other,
Me and the daisies.


The World of complex ideas,
different faiths,
little tolerance,
mostly, lack of complaisance
Look at the flowers with every colour,
full of love, together
flowers have easily climbed over
all the walls!


Fide ERKEN was born in Bursa, in 1967. She spent the first seven years of her childhood in Trilye, a pretty village of Mudanya. Then she came to Bursa with her family. She finished primary, secondary and high schools in Bursa. After high school she attended the department of Industrial Engineering in Middle East Technical University. After finishing the prep and first classes there she left that school and entered the department of English in Uludag University. She was graduated from this school in the year 1991. She's still been working as an English teacher in Bursa. Fide Erken says that poetry is in people's nature and that she first was tempted by this emotional current in primary school. She stepped the beginning leading her to further points in poetry by having two awards in poetry competitions when she was in high school. Some of her poems were first published in ├ľner art magazine and in a local newspaper journal. She's been taken attention with her English poems for some years. Her poems have been published in some internet sites and magazines. The fluency in her poems she writes integrating love of people and nature determinates her place in the poetry world. Fide Erken is married and has two daughters.

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