Monday 28 January 2013

3 Poems by Tracy Lynn Repchuk

Random Control

Inspired rituals from earthly connections
as hands create, nurture and plant
Joyous celebrations in every occasion
through the spiritual healing of colour.

Random delights enhance and entrance
as life’s story is told
on tiles as varied as mankind
Each able to move and shift to change
the outcome on any given day.

So it becomes a matter of choice -
whether it be dark or bright,
coloured, grey, fluorescent,
with the excitement of the future
under your control

Like a strategic game of chess
you move your piece
into the best position
Not to overcome – 
but to oversee.


I knew it was time
For me to look hard at what I had done
Or not done
At what I wanted to do
But did not do
At the carnage that lay in my wake
Of broken dreams that would have to once again
Be picked up, and scraped off the poured concrete
and confronted.

Unfulfilled, unconscious barriers 
Silently seep through 
and comfortably take their place 
while I continuously walked face first
into the brick wall that is my life.

It doesn’t happen in one day
That - I would have noticed
It is the tiny, insidious little events
Once accumulated to become 
The Mount Everest of reality 
for such paltry desires. 

And as each occurrence strangles
Hope screams
My floral bloom shrinks to the prickly
State of cactus
Living off of shards of water 
Surrounded by breathless air

But still - 
It is a new year, and I will take this
minimalistic opportunity to cast
my shredded net into the ocean
of this game I chose to play
and pray that I once again do not
get caught on life’s discards
so that I may catch my whale.

Serenade of the cicadas

Black-eyed blossoms invisibly 
intoxicate from distant woodlands
where emerald streams of healthy crops cascade along turquoise horizons;
and hints of sun-kissed buttercups invite me to dance.

From a long hibernation I emerge
as buds press against rigid soil  
I swing lazily carving breezes while whispering winds promise spring;
under the covered porch that hugs the house majestically.

Baked peaches torment from sweet sills
and my senses salivate 
anticipating this evening’s delights;
among drones suckling nectar from receptive chambers.

A wind-chapped smile erupts 
to rejoice my favorite season
as lapping waves of sunshine nourish;
and clinking cubes marry tart lemons.

Draping trees fill with the operatic melodies
resonating organs 
debut to a command performance;
where friction and limb triumph.

Heated cardinals and brown speckled jockos meditate
inhaling the heavenly view
I drift outwards;
licking colorful clouds and bands of jade over parched fields.

Handfuls of divine light 
gift-wrap my spirit
until temporal sounds transcend me back;
to the symphonic serenade of the cicadas.


Tracy Lynn Repchuk (born 1965) is a Canadian writer and poet. Repchuk is the president and founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets and Editor of Poetry Canada Magazine. Repchuk lives in Burbank, California.

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