Monday 25 February 2013

2 Poems by Linda M. Crate

mosquito bite

you are a mosquito bite;
it itches and itches to even
look upon your form yet when
you're scratched it provides no
relief, you linger on despite
the fact that you were never
an invited guest; when you go
there will be none that miss
your loathsome presence and none
that will yearn for it, either.

eve's lament

flesh of my flesh you've turned against me
stabbing the life from my veins, breaking my
heart into a thousand pieces; the earth
cried out with his blood and still you
denied your trangression - hate clouded
your mind louder than my love ever did,
and now you've gone where I cannot go;
ripped yourself from the comfort of my arms
that I would have used to shield you
from all the evils that swallowed you whole.


Linda Crate is a Pennsylvanian native currently migrated to Maine. She has a degree in English-Literature and her poetry and short stories have appeared in many publications the latest of which include: Birds Eye reView, Mirror Dance, Blue & Yellow Dog, Crisis Chronicles Online Library, Super Flash Fiction, and Dead Snakes.

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