Monday 18 February 2013

3 Poems by Dwight Pavlovic

Untitled #1

Only the screen across a tone,
Alberti's green and rose.

A selfish character to enclose a man,
The wind and world personified –
Fragile being framed in the arms of Horae.

Untitled #3

Cold colors drawn by long fingers
From the tapping of keys.
Shapes of sensuous white
Moving with the rhythm of light.

Untitled #5

The day grew cold–
Sprawled out on a rock.

Exhalations of jagged flatness,
Long legs breathed by a gaping sun
Stride across my back.


Dwight Pavlovic is a self-taught multimedia artist and writer based in Morgantown, WV, focusing on poetry and collage as his primary creative vehicles. His poetry has been showcased in various small journals and zines, with a first collection titled Hang a Laughing Man forthcoming from the Patient Sounds arts collective. In addition, he works as the volunteer editor of international DIY/music magazine Decoder and helps manage a boutique cassette label called Crash Symbols. Through a process of creative re-framing, as with collage, his pursuit of each project and medium connects in a more or less abstract associative framework, informing and changing the structure and pursuit of each. In the context of collaborative efforts like Decoder and Crash Symbols, that structure is idiosyncratic but ultimately designed to function as a space for other devotees of music who, in their pursuit of art and living, share a desire to keep their industry adding up with their emotion. To that end, the two entities evolve syncretically with a rigorous focus on projecting positive practices and advocating for participants in the ever burgeoning American creative underground.

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