Monday 11 February 2013

3 Poems by Elaine Woo

You are the Earth
My father, you are the earth,
the soil upon which I stand,
rich and warm.  My roots
extend and search and seek.
You are the heavens to which
I aspire, the cosmos from which
I spun, towards which I stretch.

Frolicking Orcas

Orcas spy-hop,
poke heads above the water,
leap and land atop waves
on their backs,
lob-tail, and pec slap,
roll on their sides to
smack a fin on the sea’s surface,
trill, whistle, grunt,
snort air through
their blowholes, squeak,
moan and creak a dialect.

Black Chi In, White Chi Out

Breathe in not being heard
Breathe out not being heard
Breathe in demandingness
Breathe out demandingness
Breathe in neediness
Breathe out neediness
Breathe in invasiveness
Breathe out invasiveness
Breathe in chaos
Breathe out peace


Elaine Woo is the current Membership Co-ordinator for CWILA (Canadian Women in the Literary Arts).  Her most recent poems appear in V6A, a finalist for the City of Vancouver's Book Award 2012, The Enpipe Line, Earthwalk, and Arc Poetry Magazine.

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