Tuesday 5 May 2020

1 Poem by Klaudia Rogowicz

We're all spirits
                       a tribute to Native Australians
Your name's written
in snake's eyes.

I can open my mind
and throw stars to the desert.

I was created while
it was world's future dreaming.

Harvesters've just come to my village.
I can share my time
but soul belongs to Earth Spirits.


Klaudia Rogowicz- born 5th April 1987, Polish poet, drama, screen and storywriter. Her poems have been published in many Polish and foreign magazines. Her story Geography lesson has been translated in German and published in Polish-German anthology concerning childhood. She writes both in English and Polish. Her poem in English has been published in Dying Dahlia review, Mojave Heart Review and Cordella . Her interests are: music, art, history, religions, gender and LGBT issues as well as mysticism.

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