Tuesday 5 May 2020

1 Poem by Tom Ball



Everyone has them. But MRT (mind reading technology) smashes your illusions and leaves you with stark reality

But you say without your dreams you don’t want to live


You have to know what reality is

By traveling and meeting lots of people

You need to compare different places to know your own country

Some people just lie to each other

And call it reality enough for them



People see reality differently

Some say reality is all an illusion

We all surround ourselves

In a bubble/illusion

Pretend we have the best

Of all possible worlds

But future people will laugh

About how obsessed we are with non-imaginable “reality”

A big joke


In the fantasy video game cyber worlds of the future

They will claim they are living in reality

Layers and layers of depth to these “worlds”

One needs illusions to survive, can’t live without them

Reality is just a big joke


Ball has published extensively with PBW, Down in the Dirt and, Magazine Conceit. He has also published a number of works for Gargoyle, Spillwords. And has also appeared in Lone Star Magazine and Postcardshorts.ca.

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