Tuesday 5 May 2020

1 Poem by Ying Wu

Your Own Horizon

Waves start somewhere.

Ocean swell. Wind chop.

Motor wake. Tidal surge.

You watch as sunlight

shimmers on the harbor

and feel the way your own

thoughts dance and ripple

and feel the space

inside your mind

beyond the shores

of things you know

or plan or dream –

this open space.

Waves start somewhere.


Ying Wu is a poet and cognitive scientist.  She hosts the Gelato Poetry reading series in San Diego (meetup.com/BrokenAnchorPoetry).  She is a proud member of the editorial teams of Writer’s Resist and the Kids! San Diego Poetry Annual.  More examples of her work can be found online at Poetry and Art at the San Diego Art Institute (poetryandartsd.com), the Serving House Journal (servinghousejournal.com), and Writer’s Resist, as well as in the material world at the San Diego Airport, and in print journals, such as the Clackamas Literary Review.  She currently studies insight and problem solving (insight.ucsd.edu) at UC San Diego and lives with her husband and daughter on a sailboat in the San Diego Bay.

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