Tuesday 5 May 2020

1 Poem by Victoria Crawford

 Kawaakari: moonlit river

Milky Way spills down

eventide’s pitcher

of moonrise silver

commingling stardust

and tumbling water.

Liquid surge unveils

dual nature: dark light,

high low, stop go.

The pewter swirls spill

valleys and mountains in flux,                           

changeless in the glow of

the moonlit river.

The slip of

smoke white snake,

static action,

wet ropes rise and fall.

Droplets splash patterns

of ivory lace

cresting the night.

Stream tickles the ear

silent uproar

in the sliding  surge.

Fluid luminescence

molecules roll together,

union, division,

evolve seaward.


Living for many years in Asian countries, California poet Victoria Crawford endeavors to reveal the heart of cultures and nature in her poetry.  Her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies such as Hawaii Pacific Review, Postcard Poetry and Prose, Canary, and Academy of the Heart and Mind.

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