Tuesday 5 May 2015

1 Poem by Ajise Vincent


The gods of our land are gluttons
they eat dreams, drink hopes
then excrete diatribes
for propriety to feast on

They milk the cradle
of our present cum future
with erroneous propagandas
wirra! stockpiling for their progenies unborn

These gods have Potbellies
akin to that of pregnant women
It swerves, pendulum like.
mocking the contours of our sufferings

Their glees are produts of sorrow
Their grins, traces of our agonies

yet they are still revered by ignoramuses
who are tossed amens
like famished church rats seeking divinity


Ajise Vincent is a Nigerian who writes poetry. His works has appeared in various print and online platforms. He is currently studying Economics at a prestigious university in Nigeria.

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