Tuesday 5 May 2015

1 Poem by erren geraud kelly

Forbidden dance

We always meet at the same time
every day  when
I’m heading home
She’s heading inside the dance
I imagine her bending her
Body on the balance
As if she could bend herself
Into a twin
I don’t  care that  she's  older
than me
I just picture her pirouetting
On the ball of her foot
Or bending her body
Like a sunflower in the breeze
Ever so elegantly
As if to wrap it around me
I can’t tell if her hair is
Brown or red

I want some classical or jazz music
To frame this moment
Next time I see her
Instead of just
Passing her by and saying
I’ll follow her in


erren geraud kelly's work currently appears in mouth and mouth, the magnolia quarterly, crab fat, van goghs ear, ceremony, time of singing and over 150 publications in print and online; mr. kelly is the author of the chapbook, " disturbing the peace," on night ballet press. erren recieved a b.a. in english--creative writing from louisiana state university in baton rouge. mr. kelly lives in portland, oregon

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