Tuesday 5 May 2015

1 Poem by Steve Myers


I remember when we came here 
To this park and lake 
And strolled and talked all afternoon. 

Don’t let me cry too soon, 
For tears dissolve all sense, 
Wash everything with pain, 
Like mist that hides the mirror of the lake, 
A dense and heavy fog set on the heart. 

But then...where can I start? 
The cocktails of cocaine, 
The morphine’s dulling strain: 
White melody, sharp tune 
Played on her screaming bones? 

I need to speak in stones: 
To drop each solid word 
Into the past: dark pool 
Where now she lies deep down 
And lost, dropped out of time. 

Now I hear no sound, 
And search the ripples for 
An image I can take 
To live with on this shore. 
I drop these stones into that silent lake. 


Two novels published November 2014: "All In, All Out" & "A Case of Love and Squalor". "The Lady and the Wolf" to be published February 1st, 2015.

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