Tuesday 5 May 2015

1 Poem by Ashok Niyogi


Tiptoes and whispers
Family shuffles
In depth of night
Summer morning
Enshrined in chintz
Picture views
And impeccable manners

Ersatz coffee in moose cups
Reindeer lurking
In carpet shadow
Floral writing on flimsy walls
Lavender curtain
Gold taps
And feminine down

Front-yard gravel nondescript
Fallen splintered log
In roughened grass
Moose and calf
Happy sandwich family milk
Hand-made paper candle-lit
Ambergris by chance
Sepia maps of dog-sled trails
Honey horse and golden filly
In reed and pink Forget-me-nots
The eagle is a whittled Cyclops
Faded in yesteryear snow
And raven swoops vibrantly large
On baby Spruce

Bed and breakfast
Before termination snow
On moon-set in tundra night
We will wait for the stars to show


Ashok Niyogi is a wandering seeker after truth.  He was born in Kolkata in 1955 and graduated in economics from Presidency College. He lived and worked as an international trader in the USSR and Russia and his work involved extensive travel worldwide. He is now retired and lives in Delhi and California. He still travels hard and long and occasionally writes.

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