Tuesday 5 May 2015

5 Poems by Allen Qing Yuan

Komodo Dragon

Staring menacingly at all observers
You being the greatest observer of all

Claws scraping the loose earth
Scaly tail weaving through the sky

Rocky exterior grinding rock
Squinty eyes seeing all

And you wonder
What more is beyond this glass?

Chasing the Pacific Star

Air gyres crowd into the boy
As he dashes through the clouds of hope

Surfing on a wish
He descends to the touchy ocean
A salty breeze gushes from underneath
A spring of refreshing motivation
The flaring sun eagerly follows him like a bright shadow
Intimidating mountains forcibly rise, but are capped
From the serene, misty horizon
Where a bleached bird loudly flaps its wings away

Upgrading his life board,
With exhilarating dreams
As he dashes through the clouds of hope

Waltz of the Cherry Blossoms

Two rebels break from the formation during the finale,
Desiring to demonstrate their own worth

The other performers swirls and spins together,
But the couple twirls all over

Up & down a graceful, invisible roller-coaster
Rising as high as divine entertainers

Their pinkness is not utter embarrassment;
But rather pure passion and devotion

The pack would be proud
If not for the ferocious metallic monster

Who displayed the most
Overwhelming performance of all

Every Youthful Moment

Paving his own
Road, never backing

He does what he wants,
How he wants,
When he wants,
Making the light shine.

He has faith
The future
                                      He’s facing towards.

Enjoying the golden age,
Remembering every page,
Of his life,
Written or unwritten,
He gives it his all, hoping he will not
Every youthful moment.

City Mingling

Full of the promising young, and the promised old
This kaleidoscope-like urban cityscape
Stuttering in broken circles of light
Towers zig-zagging
Across the geared, cyan skyline

No being cynical
Expanding borders
Until all sides are hypotenuses
But it’s your life, don’t make it a brutal brawl

Cybernetic world,
The clash of (common) creeds,
Is all I need to make sure that
There is not only me

Everyone’s values are today’s splendid, Splenda society
Making life sweet
It’s so wonderful--
To be you and me


Allen Qing Yuan , born in Vancouver in 1995, is a two time Pushcart nominee and the author of Traffic Light (2013). Co-editing Poetry Pacific, Allen currently attends the University of British Columbia as a business major. Since grade 10, Allen has had poetry appearing in more than 70 literary publications across 16 countries, which include Cordite Poetry Review, Literary Review of Canada, Shampoo and Spillway.

Allen is also the co-founder of a popular clothing brand Above the Movement. for more, please visit his websites::
- www.facebook.com/Above.The.Movement
- www.abovethemovement.com
- Twitter: @ATMovement
- Instagram: @abovethemovement

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