Tuesday 5 May 2015

1 Poem by Bill Minor


My dream of heaven
is the island of Bonaire;
no other place, just there.

God, revealed, would be
at one with the weather: warm
trade winds gentle voice.

What would they say? What
all my life I’ve longed to hear:
silence within words.

How can that be? I
think of music which I love—
rests, pauses, subtle
lull within an avalanche
of sound, and then … enough.

Most of the time, just
enough is not enough for
us, so what shall I
do with this overlarge longing?
Enjoy it—not possessed.

Bonaire will always--
perfect blend of midnight waves
and wind--just be there.


I have published six books of poetry, the latest Some Grand Dust (Chatoyant Press; finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award) and nonfiction The Heart Within: An American Memoir.  A professional musician since the age of sixteen, I have recently set my poems to original music and have two CDs (For Women Missing or Dead and Mortality Suite), and, commissioned by the Historic Sandusky Foundation in Virginia to write a suite of original music to accompany a married couple's exchange of letters throughout the Civil War, I have released a third CD, Love Letters of Lynchburg.

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