Monday 11 November 2019

1 Poem by dan raphael

Rain Tastes Best Just off the Cloud

First rain of the new fall

exiting the tunnel of sunshine

seasoned with smoke & ash

how quickly the fresh is cured, salted down

suspended in immunity

no surprises, mutations,

seeing whats known instead of whats there

The rain followed me home

whats the rain trying to sell us

consistently unpredictable

one of the few things you cant bet on

not a drought but the rain was stopped at the border

we want only euro-centric rain, rain without rainbows

full falling transparency

How did that cloud get here

the fragile shell inside that illusory puffiness

while we’re trying to figure out what that cloud looks like

weather comes in through the open windows

wind keeps the getaway car running

rain never takes, always leaves evidence

that can grow, transform wherever its left

Rain gives birds something to talk about

changes tires tune, remind me of the nerves and bones

beneath my skin, my saliva wishes it was rain

a taste our tongues keep evolving toward


For three decades dan raphael's been active in the Northwest as poet, performer, editor and reading host. Manything came out this fall from Unlikely Books in New Orleans. Current poems appear in Caliban, The Opiate, Mad Swirl, Oddball and Otoliths. Every Wednesday he writes and records a poem for the KBOO Evening News.

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