Monday 11 November 2019

1 Poem by John Bartlett

Time Passes

In Rue Auguste Brun
dusty glass cases
hold headdresses eons old,
their feathers painting
the shaded stillness of
a New Caledonia afternoon.

Doors spring open
releasing Kanak children
with hair like electric spaghetti
‘Come back after lunch’
says the dreadlocked doorman
‘You don’t have time
to see it all now.’

We step back into
Rue Auguste Brun
where time slows to a trickle,
women in flowered dresses
chat under
lipstick pink bougainvillea.

Time, callous and blind,
dismisses my small life
like a rejecting lover.


John Bartlett is the Australian author of three novels, a collection of short stories and an e-book collection of his non-fiction- ‘A Tiny & Brilliant Light’. His poetry has been published in a number of online journals. He blogs regularly at:

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