Monday 11 November 2019

1 Poem by Igor Goldkind

I Folded My Mother Up

I folded my mother up
Into a creased peace of paper
Folding memories into intentions.
Flattening the dementia of unstructured emotions
Into a neat, file-able document.

We  arc this abyss;  tightening ropes  over time.
We are not our worst intentions,
but we are the acts that follow.
Like clobbering footsteps tripping
Over the broken sidewalk of Being.

We are not the sum of our categories
or the crimes that we have witnessed
But we are the balance
That keeps us from stumbling
Over our own shoelace sense of time.


Igor Goldkind is a San Diego poet, scholar and scribe.  Igor Goldkind’s most recent work, IS SHE AVAILABLE?, incorporates poetry, art, music, and animation; a collaboration with over 25 artists from the comic, fantasy and fine art (as well as the jazz composer Gilad Atzmon) and is published by Chameleon Publishing.  Igor Goldkind has completed a forthcoming collection of 13 short stories entitled The Village of Light set in and around a computer environment.  He describes his work as Speculative Realism, a new genre offspring of Speculative Fiction and Magic Realism.

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