Monday 11 November 2019

Editor's Notes

dear All PP Patrons, 

seven years ago, we started Poetry Pacific whimsically on the remembrance day. so, let us begin by saying:

Happy Anniversary to our PP!
Happy Remembrance Day to all PP patrons!
(& allow us to 'smuggle' a PP's family celebration - Happy Birthday to Kate Emily!)  

while highly satisfied with the way PP has been functioning as a project of love of labour, and has survived without any form of financial support since the very start, we feel deeply sorry that mainly due to personal/health concerns, we have to decide to change Poetry Pacific from a biannual to an annual publication, beginning from the year of 2020; that is, on may 5 every year until further notice we will release an yearly edition of the 'best' poetry we can find throughout the year. we believe this arrangement is much better for the continuation of our e.zine than putting it on hiatus from time to time as many other literary outlets do.

in this issue, we are honoured to present 56 poets and 4 artists. we believe this last autumn issue happens to be PP's strongest issue we have ever had!

enjoy reading/viewing!

love in poetry,

eds. at PP

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