Monday 11 November 2019

1 Poem by Therese Young Kim

At Summer’s End
Ever since you left 
I’ve been learning
  how to let you go,

like we let the summer go,
fall, winter, spring―

        And when summer return
        like rivers returning to the sea

azaleas will blossom in symphonies
of pink, the nightingale will call
from a weeping cherry
in the midnight garden again—

        So, don’t let yourself go,
        for we need to be there
        when life returns

            in dawn’s glow
                 in forsythia yellow

to surprise us again in the beauty
of forgiving at summer’s end―       


Born in Korea, Therese Young Kim studied English in Kyung-hee University in Seoul and worked at Lufthansa sales agency before coming to America.  She worked as a professional interpreter for over 25 years in New York while immersing herself in poetry and prose in Korean and English.

Excerpts of her novel, Nayoung’s Journey, have been published in Infinity literary journal in earlier years and most recently in Tuck Magazine (A Forgotten Story of War).  Her works have also appeared in Korean literary journals, as well as in Rosebud, poems and prose in Tuck Magazine, Poetry Pacific and The Journal of Baha’I Studies. Her website:

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