Monday 11 November 2019

2 Poems by Kevin Cowdall

The Spectral Wolf

Like a spectre in the shadows,
it glides between the trees
on rapid padded paws;
breath curling like a strand
of early morning mist
on the freezing winter air.

The forest holds its breath.

It has roamed far from its lair,
driven on by growing hunger,
straying ever further afield and
foraging longer in search of prey.
Now it halts to scent the breeze,
raises its head, and rends a howl.

The forest holds its breath.

The Skittish Seahorse (Tanka)

It is the oddest
of Nature’s menagerie;
a nervous chess-piece
riding the currents of its
Natural Inclinations.


Kevin Cowdall was born in Liverpool, England. He has had over 200 poems published in magazines, journals and anthologies in the UK and across Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and the USA, and broadcast on BBC Radio. He has previously released three collections; ‘The Reflective Image’, ‘Monochrome Leaves’ and ‘A Walk in the Park’. His 2016 retrospective collection, ‘Assorted Bric-a-brac’ (bringing together the best from these collections with a selection of more recent poems), has had excellent reviews and is available in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon. Kevin’s novella, ‘Paper Gods and Iron Men’, is also available in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon.

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