Monday 11 November 2019

3 Poems by Allan Kolski Horwitz


Eve was there
She had no need for another
She was full breasted

And she lay in the garden
Seeded herself
And her milk made her happy
Eve after Eve after Eve

But when the moon was full and red
A warring rod and whirling light
Disturbed her womb
So Eve made Adam
Till a hard-muscled child pulsed out

Made herself and unmade herself
Made a man to stand
Beside and against her

It is never quiet in the garden
There is always vibration
And still Eve lies alone
Bringing forth Adam after Adam after Adam


One point two billion crammed on the polluted banks of a caste-ridden Hindu ethno-nationalist river
Another one point three billion squatting under the glare of a Fong Kong Communist Confucian robot
Over six hundred million in the Cradle of Humankind crushed under the sagging belly of the Big Man and his sadistic cohorts
Over four hundred million crucified on the patios of sunglassesed colonials and Bolivarian generalissimos
Another three hundred and forty million dangling at the end of kryptonite missile heads emblazoned with the stars and stripes of puritanical slavers
And close by another two hundred odd million bored by Brussels and strangled with the toxic tape of snarling lily-white borders
Rivalled only by the one hundred million licking the KGB’s lips with their frozen sweat
Beside the seventy-four hundred million women forced to robe the rape fantasies of bearded children
And the five hundred and twenty-nine million depressives devoted to gurus who ride pope mobiles over a canonical cliff
And the thirteen million paedophiles porning their hormones while chanting the bitch names of their Heavenly Mother

And so this garden roasts under a witless sun

This i wrote after receiving yr

first letter
sithanda wami:

why should I adorn this feeling of you around me,
of me around you,
with these dangerous jewels of word-pictures?

one night I heard you say
‘hold me’

heavy water fell
into the pool prism of our embrace


ALLAN KOLSKI HORWITZ continues to be a writer in various genres as well as being an educator and activist. He is a member of the Botsotso Jesters poetry performance group, the Botsotso Publishing editorial board and is co-ordinator of the Botsotso Ensemble schools performing arts program. He has published four books of poetry (Call from the Free State, Saving Water, There are Two Birds at My Window, The Colours of Our Flag), written and directed five of his own plays and published three collections of short fiction.

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