Sunday 5 May 2013

1 Poem by Bola Opaleke


I lived in the days of sunshine
When stars literally grew from our palms
And the moonlight soft kisses upon our lips
Made our love stories sweet.
I lived in the days of giants
Where twas impossible to sit
For every new day brought new demand
To keep pace with the racing world.
I lived in the days of angels
Girls that shone brightly like the evening sun
Females, fresh like morning dew
Time when womanhood was shaped after the heart.
I lived in the days of great men
Napoleon, Arthur and Ghandi
Great Alexander, Lincoln, Haile Selassie
Days when our only weakness was our strength.
I lived in the days of Diana
Time, when fairies scrambled to know men
The earth underneath our feet was of diamonds
So we can only make love like gods.
I lived in the days of great warriors
Achilles, Hercules and Hector
Days when kingdom were built and empires formed
Time when our lives was crafted in Honor.
I live in the days of Obama, Mandela and Ali
Days when records were broken and history made
I live to witness white and black make beautiful babies
And watch the world unite to make dreams come true.
Sadly, I live in the days of technology
Where men are nothing but toys
And every little nudge provoke war,
Wars fought with robots from private bedrooms.
Hmmm. I live only in the glory of yesterday
For all the virtues of old presently counted for nothing
The future a million years backwards
Where every passing breeze brings a warning of doom.


Bola Opaleke was born in Ede, a village on the banks of River Osun in the western part of Nigeria. He attended the renowned Obafemi Awolowo University where he graduated with honors. Upon his relocation to Winnipeg he acquired a diploma in Addictions and Community Service. A number of his poems and essays were published in his undergraduate days and he has been privileged to deliver speeches at seminars and workshops. In 2012, his first collection of poems “A Note From Hell,” was published. His work prominently features the abject poverty of Africa and the eroded societal values and culture. Email:

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