Sunday 5 May 2013

3 Poems by Eleni Zisimatos


Missing, you are missing

I don’t know real from unreal
or maybe
I do.

That is the problem
knowing too much

infernal fires
undo the clasps
of a black gown


I fall only to rise
I must be careful not to

the choir of angels sings


Is it black or is it dark-brown
I can almost feel the silk
but it is not body that I see
now, only a whisper
and a cry, a song and

we are asleep in a grand hallway
where light and dark collide

tear out the empty
replace it with the full

I want to be near, to feel it
living or beyond
there are answers that we
don’t know

the silk wraps around me
I can breathe it in,

the dark bliss


inside the blood clots
the white is a figment, an illusion


at the centre of everything
snow sheltering

she can see the precise hand raised
the other, on extended knee

it is worship, this monument, this
frozen alabaster trick

still, she stops and listens to the ex-
cavated statue’s outer shell

the face immovable, the hand
that chiselled is long-gone

what is a memory?

in the midst of this invincibility
she unleashes flesh, blood at the centre
red heart across statue, snow

certain, there is something
in the ice

that moves  


Eleni Zisimatos is a widely published Canadian poet living in Montreal. She has been a finalist in the National Magazine Awards for her poetry and the Irving Layton Awards for both her poetry and fiction. She is currently co-editor-in-chief of the poetry magazine, Vallum: Contemporary Poetry.

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