Sunday 5 May 2013

2 Poems by David Cookson


The kelpie lunges
through her window,
startles me, but no harm.
She hauls it back,
mimes contrition to my grin.

The lights change to green,
we part with no words.
Though her dog disdains,
the woman waves goodbye
through the glass,
enhances today’s tapestry
with another stitch.

At the café

her hips are the meander of a slow river
as through tendrils of garlic she approaches
to take his order, aware in a moment of his fascination
with the rosebud tattoo scarlet on her bared midriff.
Pen still poised but forgotten, she contemplates him
from under veined lids that border those eyes
of the sea’s grey blue and deep
holding a hint of perhaps


David Cookson lives in South Australia by a surf beach. His work has been published reasonably often, mainly within Australia. He writes both poetry and short stories and is old enough to remember a time without computers...


  1. Detente: Outstanding piece that weaves so well separate threads into cohesion.

    At The Cafe: A painting of words filling in a complete intoxicating picture of life's potential of encounter.

  2. At the Cafe scores 2.35 on the Poetry Assessor ( This poem needs a publisher!