Sunday 5 May 2013

3 Poems by Les Wicks

Function @ Disjunction

Why did the toaster cross the pillow?
To (cruci)fix the broken thought.
Do not (donut) go there, each fried
thing has nails we bring
them corrosion
then sneak on out the window
magical nihilist
stuck on sunset
cut by colour
bright tight plates.


When science forgets departure
& the ardent clouds bend down to blow
tenderly on the feathers of roosting lorikeets...
you & I touch at secluded borders,
the leaves fall such
sweaty benevolence such
blithe zeniths.


Fling on a string You take this moment wrap it in fluoro influenza we fly towards a finish with nothing but the frightened children of our lungs. Knees spin like torrid toad eyes we are stalks within stalks as feet crash in a gravity graze one after the other pile driving all for an instant, late permanents that twitter beneath a frangible sun all is movement each bird is a word, beach umbrellas gavotte under the calamitous clamour of a tide turned twisty. Flog & bubble, no metal - cats prospect on the headlands while dogs discover sex like masters. Eyes smash, weeks drop, caning the cathedrals of the double stubble. Crash through the cotillions of commute – cute boys sensible girls all the girdles of hurdles leap then laughter, whiffling over ways trample the wisdom left thoughtlessly on the path. Fill the fountains with fire, each injury is wave, is aware. Stairs bite at pyramids, branflakes overhead flap at heaven (but the weight), violins fruit on trees. to this point.


LES WICKS has toured widely and seen publication across 15 countries in 9 languages. His 10th book of poetry is Barking Wings (PressPress, 2012).

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