Sunday 5 May 2013

2 Poems by Mikael Covey

we cool

perhaps at times I think I’m too important
and idling deer in the midnight cemetery
won’t piss on my grave

I saw on tv

the man with no face
back from the war
blinded by war
lips that can’t feel
...without taste
and the nose ...
they are making
with bone from the arm
and skin from the head
grafting crafting
waiting the years
and his little girl
sitting there
kissing his cheek
Daddy I love you


Mikael Covey is editor of Lit Up Magazine, and author or two novels (available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble). His published writing can be found at and http://bookchapters. He lives in Dakota with his granddaughter.


  1. Poignant pieces both, exhibiting identifable emotions; for this reader, the purpose of poetry.

  2. A strong sense of mortality and humanity in both poems, which I thought were very fine work indeed.