Sunday 5 May 2013

1 Poem by Sergio Ortiz

How Loud This Voice Inside: tanka Sequence

with the lamp on,
I see a crater
where our bed last lay…
we watch the distance burn      

you are the last ring
of smoke
to be held tight…
           we’re lucky
           we’re not art

sunken moon,
my mind upside down
in the sky…
moonlight cannot polish stone,
or pester our transparencies

how silent the trees
how loud the shots of hunters
how broken
the geese wings…how hidden
the pocket knife tearing my desire


Sergio Ortiz  is a retired educator, poet, painter, and photographer.  Flutter Press released his debut chapbook, At the Tail End of Dusk, in October of 2009.  Ronin Press released his second chapbook:  topography of a desire, in May of 2010.  He is a three-time nominee for the 2010 and 2011 Sundress Best of the Web Anthology and a 2010 Pushcart nominee.

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