Tuesday 5 August 2014

1 Poem by Bob Brill


As I hiked a mountain trail in Brazil
beneath the boughs of mighty trees
hung with vines as thick as my arm,
I saw a jetliner far overhead.

So glad to be walking the earth,
my favorite mode of transport,
stopping from time to time
to gaze into the bosom of a flower.

So glad not to be sitting in that plane,
gripping a drink, unable to look
thru my 10-power lens and see
the exquisite vein pattern of an unfamiliar leaf.

Of course, to reach this trail
I had to take a plane
and another
to get back home.


Bob Brill is a retired computer programmer and digital artist. He is now devoting his energies to writing fiction and poetry. His novellas, short stories and more than 100 poems have appeared in over two dozen online magazines, print journals, and anthologies.

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