Tuesday 5 August 2014

2 Poems by Nishant Saurabh

Deja Vu

They walked,
In woods and yonder,
Unaware of the other,
Yet again, to disappear.


I long for the walk,
For the beautiful small talk,
For your lovely curved eye,
For the curls of your kind nomadic smile.
I long for the tales,
I would spin, and you would think,
If the lies were true or was the truth a lie,
Or of a place where it matters not.

I long for the long which held the arms,
The eyes, dried of a single view,
Glancing, playing and leaving someone in a simple disarray,
Dancing on the same stage when worlds were alike.

The lights are heavy, and eyes tired,
Years and years have they tried, to long for you.


Nishant Saurabh, 23, Indian currently living in Bangalore, Working as an Marketing Analyst, a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. I have a personal blog (http://silvercrusader.wordpress.com/)

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