Tuesday 5 August 2014

1 Poem by Jamie Hunyor


"You aren't a real Appalachian until you drink Mountain
Dew for breakfast," I said, mixing the nuclear-piss
nausea w/ a dose of orange juice from concentrate. w/
each rising & falling breath her body tells a story:
the history of childhood in coal-mining country. i am
teaching myself to become a citizen of the region,
immersing myself in the flora & fauna which [once
dense] populate the forests & riverside. song-birds
whose name's i've yet to know lull us into soothing
conversation from outside this shallow cave [a remote
hide-away high above town's buildings like invasive
giants]. the phony dew twists my insides into polluted
creeks stopped up & stagnant. i will search the nearby
peaks for the Antidote [pure Mountain's Dew] until i
find the source. taking no more than one bottle, i will
descend the high slopes & cure all willing to drink
Appalachia's Champagne.


Jamie Hunyor is a creative writing student at Ohio University. You can find his chapbook @SaddAdam at Walking Is Still Honest's website under the "journeys" category.

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