Tuesday 5 August 2014

1 Poem by Nabeela Altaf


I once met a girl
on my way to school
She had a jar wrapped in red paper
I asked her
Is it a money jar?
She chuckled. "I'm collecting smiles."

She went her way and I on mine
But curious I was, I followed her.
She came across an old rich man
She snatched away his smile and put it in the jar

A lovely lady met her way
adorned in glitters and gold
Her smile too went into the tell tale jar
And the girl bound for home.

She lived in a shallow place
Cockroaches were her inmates
She distributed the smiles all around
To the lame man
To the poor woman
To the kid who could not stop crying.

I had then thought of the wicked girl's heart
How thoughtlessly she snatched!
But unto the scene before my eyes
Caring and generous she hatched.


Nabeela Altaf is a 3rd year medical student from Pakistan who dabbles in poetry and art. She has an enthusiasm for spoken word poetry and is currently affiliated with Spoken Stage, an organization that encourages spoken word. Besides poetry, Nabeela has a talent for art and draws comics in her leisure time. She loves animals and hopes to become a vet after she completes her bachelors. Nowadays Nabeela is working on her book which she hopes to publish in the years to come. E-MAIL: nabeelaaltaf932011@hotmail.com

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