Tuesday 5 August 2014

2 Poems by Dan von der Embse

Speak to me

Cold language on a frozen lake
drowns us
Feeling something is not quite right
we sit silently
listening for the words we want to hear
but cannot
because we are too much under water
Nothing to do but wait
Spring will come
to put the sun back into our voices
slowly melting our words

Lost and found 

What if we just stopped now?
got off here and departed
in opposite directions
with no last look back
shuffling on
to whatever comes next
never again to lay
with our legs entwined
our faces close enough
to feel the pounding of hearts
the hotness of breath
lost without each other

What if we just stopped now?
and started again
put on our shoes
and went for a walk
where no one knows us
familiar feelings fade
leaving us holding on
with nothing else to do
but drink till we are half full
daring to take one last sip
before it is all drank
and we forget
how we got here


These are the first of my poems to be published. I only started writing poetry in my middle 50s. Before that I had a 37-year career as a writer for ad agencies. I wrote countless advertisements for television, radio and print. In college I studied acting, but decided writing was a more sensible career. My interest has always been telling stories. Each of my poems is a story about feelings.

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