Tuesday 5 August 2014

3 Poems by Wendy Sue Gist

The Stirring

Girls nosh mangoes
sold on sticks
in plain air.
They relish the dance before them:
red & yellow in a row,
skirts spinning
allergic swirl of pollen mesquite.
They watch mariachi from concrete
bleachers, arid breeze echoes
clapping applause,
unaware of dirt
devils, dust devils, the dirt
stirring behind them.

Iron Creek, New Mexico

forlorn stream
dry, dry,
full of cow pies.
black moo drips
upon a cairn
    down in

A Gila Haunting

el lobo
howls nocturnal
        tune blown by
mockingbird man
real bird chimes
         then whines


Wendy Sue Gist was born in California, raised in Northern Arizona. Her poems and flash fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Burningword Literary Journal, Crack the Spine, Dark Matter Journal, New Plains Review, Oyez Review, Pif Magazine, Rio Grande Review, RipRap, The Chaffey Review, The Fourth River,  The Voices Project, Tulane Review, Yellow Medicine Review and other fine journals.

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