Tuesday 5 August 2014

2 Poems by Anshumaan Goel

Lunatic Stardom

Stars seem to be snobbish.
They stay away, far far away from us.
Perhaps to keep intact their dignity and status.
Though they are bright and flashy,
like diamond studded golden jewellery,
they hardly exude warm generosity.
What’s the use of all this light and energy,
if night continues to be dark and gloomy?
Learn from the moon-“Oh star will you?”
Not having anything of its own,
It borrows some light from another star.
Rather, it steals some of the light,
to help anyone in plight.
It shows the way to an aimless vagabond,
who lurks in darkness sans a friendly bond.
As it lights up the trees and the nests,
trying to dispel the darkness from here and there,
It gives us hope and lots of hope
that life is worth living every moment,
 that there are many paths and many choices,
that there is always some light at the end of the dark tunnel.....

Rain Rain Come Again

Rain rain come again,
for rice, and wheat, and sugarcane.
It’s your home, so don’t be too late,
else many of your friends will perish if it’s too long a wait.

Our land is parched, forlorn and dry.
Tillers and peasants can’t do much, no matter how hard they try!
Hence come back soon and in plenty,
to save us from the fireball’s unrelenting fury

You are the Messiah, you are the saviour;
You are the most indispensible life giver-
-sprouting new seeds and rejuvenating dormant life,
-enlivening and cheering every object of life

Your arrival itself marks the celebration of the new festival -
A festival in which all are happy and gay
with greener pastures, vivacious trees and a more beautiful bay.
A festival in which everyone feels blessed and richer
with positively pleasant thoughts that are bright and bigger.
A festival in which nature itself is embellished with benedictions like-
The pure and sweet smell of rain in balmy air,
The fruits with myriad hues dancing delightfully on humble trees,
The precious echoing sounds of lovable laughter from all around.

It seems as if God is playing a game of rains,
enjoying as much as his other creations while decorating his tree of life.


Anshumaan is an engineering student at Delhi Technological University, New Delhi. He loves to write short stories and poems. Traveling and adventure sports interest him. He is also a nature and wildlife enthusiast. He lives in New Delhi, India.

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