Tuesday 5 August 2014

1 Poem by Vernon Frazer

Toning Down the Noise of Light

venomous rhythms
target aperture needles parking
percussion sludge

tent warnings
capture drudgery’s rapture dance
tongued until

a vociferous light instills the silent fire

crackling hallucination vents
a whirlpool alliance salesman
ventures a doggerel epithet

no seed of understanding left brighter

than writhing sun rays
glancing off their own reflections
no threat to a railing mirror

toxin glamour peels
its skin, a writhing lap dance

or payday to premature closure

any dance left living
darkens, the quirky wheedle
grudgingly reproved

the silent impulse dimmed to darkness


Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include T(exto)-V(isual) Poetry and Unsettled Music. 
Enigmatic Ink has published Frazer’s new novel, Field Reporting. Frazer’s web site is http://www.vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be
read at http://bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com. His work may also be viewed art Scribd.com.
In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment on YouTube. Frazer is married.

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