Tuesday 5 August 2014

1 Poem by Latoya Wakefield

The Bird On The Light Wire

The bird on the light wire looking out in the deep blue above
As if he’s mediating about something too deep to share with his flock

Aside, alone on the light wire he stays
For over 15 minutes as the sun came
He looks like a boy in love
Pondering which words to write in his letter to the dove

He doesn`t make a sound
No morning chirps as his fellow birds did
No hello to the trees
He just looks on in serenity

But as the world came alive
He knew to peaceful moments he had to say bye-bye
At 6 minutes to 6 a truck started to move...mint tea started to brew, the bird on the light switch flew


Writing since the fourth grade while attending primary school in Kingston, Latoya Wakefield found solace in her pen as she poured her thoughts and feelings onto paper. Ever since, she has done several works of short stories, articles and poems. She has several articles published in high school in a local paper called the Teen Herald. Her premier book of poems titled Pieces of My Mind, Soul and Art was recently self-published. She is currently working on publishing her first children’s story ‘The Caterpillar that was afraid of the cocoon’ as well as her first adult novel. Email Latoya at wakefield443@yahoo.com for any information about her books.

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