Friday 5 May 2017

1 Poem by Alwyn Marriage

Swimming in soft water

The sea sighs comfortably
as I slip into her soft embrace,
shrugs nonchalantly when I ask
about the water I displace

insinuates herself around
the curves and angles of my shape
dreamily lying back to hold
my weight within the waterscape

relieved of responsibility and stress
I celebrate freedom from my desk and ’phone
discovering as my limbs relax in water
just how blissful it can be to be alone

as my body is caressed I can’t imagine
anything more beautiful than this
and as busy days are washed away in solitude
I gaze up at the azure sky and soak up bliss.


Alwyn Marriage’s ten books include poetry collections, non-fiction and, most recently, a novel, Rapeseed. She’s widely represented in magazines, anthologies and on-line, and gives readings all over the world.  Formerly a university philosophy lecturer, Director of two international NGOs and a Rockefeller Scholar, she’s currently Managing Editor of Oversteps Books and a research fellow at Surrey University, England.

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