Friday 5 May 2017

3 Poems by Ian Allaby


there's a bullet coming at me, dunno when it’s gunna hit
it’s been coming since the Big Bang, gunna be a perfect fit
it’s coming so slow, i got lotsa time to think
it’s coming so fast, be over in a blink
could be right here in front of my nose a nanosecond away
the sun is bright, the sky is blue, this could be the day

why all this way?

why all this way via Kuala Lumpur via Singapore
why all this odyssey over mountain and sea
via foundering ship, via sploshing ashore
via dragging your tail thru refugee sheds
via pleading and lying and constant conniving
and finally arriving
here in this money-grubbing burg
on this proletarian conformist street
in this windowless room
why why why all this way
just to tear my heart to shreds?

Never thinking of you

Fact is I never think of you
There’s too much running round to do
Like when I wake up in a starlet’s bed
And she’s kissing the curls upon my head
But I’ve got to run off to a meeting instead
And with drama and crises the whole day through
There’s hardly a moment to think of you

My time is too pricey to think about you
The available minutes are terribly few
Like when I demolish the management team
Exposing the lies in their pension scheme
Then getting the company back on beam —
On days like that it’s undeniably true
There’s never an instant to think about you

I have to admit it’s my genuine view
I’m super busy all day and all night too
Attending the Save-the-World soirée
Then off to an upscale cabaret
Surrounded by cover girls eager to play —
Yes, in times like that it’s obviously true
I would never ever think of you.


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