Friday 5 May 2017

1 Poem by Amanita Sen

The Colour Blue

Suddenly there is a wall behind my back ,
With colours strong,
Each unidentifiable from the other.

I recognize one though.
That of torment--sheer blue.
Intoxicably blue
So blue that you can die in its arms.

I panic, I rather be nowhere
And then I start running
Where my eyes can see,
where my legs can carry,
I keep on running
Till I reach the horizon.

And then I pause to breathe.
My existence here is a dotted one.
Colours would rather chase a canvas
Not a dot like me.

I am safe here,
Ready to merge with the oblivion.

No, not quite yet,
Being nowhere is not easy.


​Amanita Sen's first book of poems Candle In My Dream was first published from Writer's workshop, Kolkata. Her poems have been published in several magazines both in India and abroad. She has written the scripts for 3 short films , all of which have been shown in several film festivals in India. She works as a counselor and lives in Kolkata.

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