Friday 5 May 2017

1 Poem by Max Orr

The Author Joins a Friend at Church and Learns of David’s Redemption

Carry yourself to
an alley after
a storm. Sit

in a puddle
of gravel
and rainwater

under dappled
light sifted
through leaves.

Bathe in this
place, among
broken glass

and crabapples,
where paint
peels from sheds,

a burnt
summer skin.
Scrub your

hands with
hyssop until
the stranger’s

oils between
your fingers
are gone,

until their
soured scent no
longer wrings

from your


Max Orr is an English teacher who lives in Columbus, Ohio with his cat. He spends his free time climbing rocks in the Red River Gorge and trying to get the right books into the hands of his students.

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