Friday 5 May 2017

2 Poems by Alan P. Garfoot Jr.


As I stretch out my mind,
Through the conscious essence,
Of our shared daydreams,
I open my inner vision,
To the glorious colours,
Of your heart and soul,
And together we drift,
Like fireflies dancing,
Upon a starlight breeze,
Our creative spontaneity,
Of infinite individuality,
For love is the essence,
As our stars collide.

Fractured Soul

Looking through the black mirror,
I gaze into an infinite abyss.
As I look deep into the void,
Shattered fragments,
Are all that remains,
Of a self,
A time,
Which once was.


The conceptual poet and abstract artist Alan 'A.p.' Garfoot of Scunthorpe, England is a published intellectual, scientist, poet and artist across a broad range of subjects and genres. If you would like him to produce unique pieces of work taylor suited to meet your demands please contact him at the following e-mail and webpage address of: &
www.Facebook. com/newworldthoughtdisorder

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