Friday 5 May 2017

2 Poems by Jo Burns


Put your hand in mine right now.
Yesterday is a fable already told,
tomorrow a city built in our heads,
no lamps illuminating the way.
We may shrink in the eyes of each other
but in this moment we’re huge, we’re bold.
Let us not think now of conservation,
or planning coup d’etats of sense and logic
or each day anticipate the foretold.
Here and now we’re giants, we are able, we breathe.
Put your hand in mine, just for this moment.
Yesterday is a fable and we are growing old.

The Three Nymphs of Syrtes Sing Jason Out of Depression

Lean back Jason, smell the clean sea air.
Hear the roll and roar of the waves.
Feel the cool, smooth sand between your fingers.

Watch the clear crystal water creep towards you.
Sing to the horizon, in xenoglossy.
Don't let your voice dilute in black clouds.

Hoist the ship and and let the lines lie, lazy.
March with purpose. March far far out.
Let the red hem at night be your desire.

The shine and suspension of filtered sun.
Wind possessing, whipping through your veins
to the sky to mingle blood and your blue skin.

Lose your memories, fears, presumptions, wants.
Switch dimensions from that shadow side of you.
                        Be like the dolphin, who jumps, brave, elegant

from his known salt habitat into the new.
When the light dims, rise with the hydrotherms.
Swim to the surface. Face the moon straight on.

There’s nothing to fear.
Night is just caesura.
Tread time untill tomorrow’s dawn.


Born in Maghera, County Derry, Northern Ireland, Jo Burns is a 39 year old biomedical scientist and mother of three. She has resided in Chile, Scotland, England, and now lives with her family in Germany. To date, her poems have been published by A New Ulster, The Taj Mahal Review, Greensilk Journal, The Artistic Muse, Poetry Breakfast, The Galway Review, The Honest Ulsterman, featured in The Irish Literary Times, Poetry NI P.O.E.T Anthology and Dove Tales Anthology Identity are forthcoming in Acumen.

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