Friday 5 May 2017

2 Poems by r soos

[author's note: The following micropoems are all about a person with Alzheimer's Disease]


just a few more thoughts
it will all come together
just give me more time


who are you and why
are you here to take me home
you seem to know me


r soos is a teacher, poet and musician, and  has been published in over 200 print magazines, and has 20 books of poetry, including Somersaults With Life (2016), Parting/Departing (2015), Bringing In The Sheets (2012). All of his books may be purchased at on-line bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. His poetry appears online in Peacock Journal, Tuck, Leaves of Ink, Micropoetry, Random Poem Tree, Cuento, In Between Hangovers, and others. His video poems may be viewed on youtube. His latest chapbook, Cell Notebook, was published in December, 2016. He blogs at

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