Thursday 5 May 2022

2 Poems by Ashish Dwivedi

 I Do Not Want to Be Remembered


Ashish Dwivedi is a Literature and Media researcher, who vigilantly divides his loyalties between academic and creative writing. He holds an M.Phil. from Swansea University (Wales, U.K.), where he authored a polysemic criticism of children's animations from via the scope of theories of socialisation and humanisation, entitled Not Just Sheer Pleasure: Critiquing Animations and their Scope in Children's Socialisation. He researches around Early Popular Hindustani Cinema(s), Animation-Utopian Studies, Tragic & Hybrid Poetry, and Indian Aesthetics; while enjoying creativity that interplays with the triumvirate of tragedy, satire, and liberation. His work has featured/is forthcoming in Poetry Pacific, Literary HeistMuse IndiaOddball Magazine, amongst other places. You can find him on Instagram @_ashishdwivedi_ 

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